The Field Education

We encourage and support those involved in education by providing unique opportunities for:

– Training and development

– Organisational learning and innovation

– Conferencing and networking


The Field Education is a collaboration by Rooken Podesta and Dylan Wray, who are founding partners of:

  • The Building on Success Programme for Curriculum Advisors
  • The South African Curriculum Advisor and Teacher Support (SACATS) conferences in 2007 and 2008
  • The Education Week Conference and Learning Expo which now incorporates SACATS
  • Education Conversations which engage South Africans in constructive, solution-driven conversations about the issues facing education today
  • The Education Action Scorecard Initiative which encourages and enables stakeholders from government, labour, business and civil society to collaboratively manage key variables and desired outcomes


We strive to ensure that all our initiatives are relevant, practical and purposeful by:

  • Engaging collaboratively with education departments and other stakeholders from civil society, labour and business
  • Familiarising ourselves with the specific and unique contexts and challenges faced by each stakeholder
  • Understanding the strategic imperatives of the Education Department, Provinces and South Africa
  • Enrolling support and involvement from key stakeholders to co-design effective solutions
  • Sourcing, briefing and collaborating with outstanding service providers
  • Ensuring that solutions are specifically designed and/or tailored
  • Researching, designing and developing innovative new ways to nurture and support exceptional performance and development